Our Process

Fabricating and installing unique, high-quality customized marble, granite and quartz products

  • Request Quotation

    If you are interested in getting a price quotation or a countertop, our experience sales team can assist by working closely with you to go over your cabinet designs and floor plan to see what type of countertop edge profile and colours is best fitted to your budget and desire.

  • Select Material Edge

    Our team will coordinate your visit to various suppliers to allow you to view the full slabs of materials. We will review the different edge profile to determine the look best suited for your design

  • Template & Fabrication

    Once colour selection is made and cabinets are installed, we will schedule our templater to template the countertop and start the fabrication process.

  • Installation

    Installation schedule will be communicated in advance and our professional installer will ensure your countertops are perfectly installed.
    Installation timeline will occur about 10-15 business template date

    Remainder of payment due on date of install

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